Variety, they say, is the spice of life. No one person has the same attitude to a particular event, behavior, or object. Everyone has a different perspective or view of life, and that is what makes life interesting. Generally, everybody likes the idea of money and the benefits we tend to get when we have it. It is the only thing everybody seems to agree is good for the soul and body. Money is said to cure the sick and even raise the dead, so much for the love of money. However, people have different approaches to using money when they have access to it. Some people love the idea of just having money in their account without using it. Some like to spend like there’s no hope for living tomorrow. Your money personality defines how you handle money in normal circumstances. We will discuss the different money personalities below:

The Big spender

This type of personality doesn’t just spend but spends on expensive things. They spend extravagantly on things that give them immediate gratification. They lavish because they have the money. They also spend to show off to their friends. They might not necessarily need the things they buy, but for luxury sake. When these kinds of people run out of money, you don’t hear about or see them. You know when a big spender is loaded and when they are not.

The saver

This type of person always sees the need to save any money he has. They love the idea of accumulating wealth in their accounts that they won’t touch. Before spending money, they would have thought about it over and over again because they are scared to lose money. They usually don’t make the best decisions when it’s time to spend their money. They make the most money mistakes because they are too careful to spend their money. These people are less likely to invest because they don’t want to risk it at all. They are not risk-takers. All they want is to pretend like they don’t have money while they count millions breathing in their accounts.

The shopper

Ever gone to a market or mall and bought something that seemed fancy and pretty to you at the time but regretted buying it later? You keep asking yourself why you bought it because you didn’t need that item in the first place. Meanwhile, the money you used to get that item was to top up your electricity. People in this category don’t think before spending and later regret their actions. These types of people are less likely to save because money disappears as quickly as it comes. They are risk-takers and are likely to invest only because of the extra cash they will get. They love the idea of money and the things they can do with it.

The debtor

Tolu is always in need of urgent 2k that he might pay back if he is in a good mood. You would wonder why he’s always in debt, given that he earns more than most people in his office. Apart from that, he is an extravagant spender and goes broke barely two weeks into the month. Tolu is an example of a debtor. These people are always in debt because they spend above their means. No money is ever enough for them, and they don’t mind borrowing to meet their needs. They don’t seem to care about their increasing debts as they continue to heap more.

The Investor

These people are always looking for how to make more money. They are high-risk-takers and can invest money in any platform that would give them extra cash. Although they are likely to fall victim to scams or fraud, they are resilient. Because these people are high-risk takers, they tend to see and have more money than the other personalities.


Irrespective of your money personality, the key is to be moderate in spending money and creating a savings fund that will take care of future emergencies. Visit the dodopay website to download the app and check out our supersaver feature.

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