It’s valentines day!!! Love is in the air. What a good way to start the week! People have different definitions of valentine’s day and how it is to be celebrated. While some would think it’s just like every other day, others take it more seriously. Today we asked some of our customers what valentine’s day meant to them, and here’s what they had to say.

Peter, 34

Mr peter seemed to be mature in his definition of valentine’s day. He says: “Valentine’s day is a day of sharing love and showing our loved ones around us that we care. It’s a day to make them feel special and appreciate them for all their love and support”.

Charity, 25

Charity definitely sounded like an angry bird, don’t you think? She said, “Valentine’s day is nothing special for me. I see it as any other day. I feel valentine’s day is overrated, especially with the way relationship peeps have decided to ‘tension’ us. For me, every day is valentine. I can show love anytime I want and not just restrict it to February 14th.”

Moses, 24

To think that this Moses did not have respect for his namesake in the Bible, here’s what he had to say: “Valentine’s day for me is premium knacking. My girlfriend gets to give me premium knacking because, according to her, it’s her valentine’s gift to me. You can give a gift if you want, but that knacking is the koko.”

Ire, 23

Ire is definitely in love. You cant tell me otherwise. She said, “Valentine’s day is all about love – strictly for couples. I exchange gifts with my boyfriend, after which we hang out in the other room as the spirit leads. I get to receive premium pampering from my boyfriend, and I love it.”

Sam, 28

Sam, the single pringles advocate had this to say, “Valentine’s day is about showing love and not just for couples, as people have made it to look. We can show love to anyone- family, friends, or even random strangers. The most important thing is making someone smile today”.

Edet, 25

The highlight of our interview was when Eden replied, “What is that? Is it an animal place or thing?. Na mumu dey fall in love.”
While some have had it good, Edet has definitely had it tough.

What is Valentine’s day to us?

Valentine’s day is every day for us as we are always working to please our customers and showing them how much we care in the little way we can. We also appreciate our customers for sticking with us through thick and thin. This our love will never die, and we love you.
We would also like to hear from our readers; What does valentine mean to you?

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