Anybody who has tried to open an account under a FIN-TECH company must be familiar with the request for BVN upon registration. BVN, also known as bank verification number, is the most confidential information you can ever give out to someone. Under normal circumstances or any circumstance at all, you shouldn’t be giving it out to anyone. With the rise of Fin-tech companies and online banking, there’s a need to provide BVN to validate one’s identity. When you go to the bank, you’re asked to provide your BVN when opening an account to access and carry out transactions with your account. It’s the same when you try to open an online bank account. It is to verify identity and remove all restrictions of transactions. Looking at it, it’s for security purposes for both you and the Fintech company. Dodopay can not be an exception in this BVN requirement rule.

Before now, BVN was a compulsory requirement for individuals who wanted to sign-up on any payment platform to curb fraudulent activities and prevent identity theft until CBN banned the BVN verification process. It became more rigorous. For example, all that fintech companies needed was your BVN and, it would be verified automatically but, now the process is long and stressful such that you also have to snap with your valid ID card; amongst, others. However, Dodopay seeks to make everything easier for their customers including, verification. The verification process doesn’t take up to two minutes.

Steps of verification for Dodopay account

  • Go to the settings section of your app.
  • Click on the verification icon.
  • Enter your BVN.
  • Take a clear picture holding a valid identity card.
  • Wait for a verification SMS and email.

It is also important to NOTE that by providing your BVN, Dodopay does not have access to your account. Your details will be kept safe and are confidential.

Benefits of verifying your Dodopay account

There are several benefits of verifying your Dodopay account:

  • You can claim your signup bonus and referral bonus when you verify.
  • You can send and receive money fast and easy with no limitations.
  • You have a customized bank account that is linked to your Dodopay account. This enables people transfer money to your Dodopay account directly.
  • You qualify for any of our give away contests.

What are you waiting for? Download the app today and enjoy sweet benefits wey dey totori belle.

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