I remember wanting to pay some money to someone in the bank a few years back. The thought of going to the bank to queue up was exhausting. First of all, I would have to pick up a deposit slip and fill in the necessary details, then stand in line to wait for my turn, with the regular “I’m in the front of your back or, I’m in the back of your front.” I would come out having a headache because of the rigorous process and stress.

Financial services of old have improved over the years due to the competition financial technologies have posed. Financial technology is the incorporation of technology into financial service delivery to aid efficiency and effectiveness. Through this, financial services are easier to access and process quickly. Previously, accessing loans was a tug of war as there were rigorous processes attached to it. You would have to get collateral to show that you could pay for the loan or, in cases of default. People that needed money urgently couldn’t get it. What of payments? People had to carry cash around compulsorily to pay for something or make transactions. Sometimes, one would not have enough money to finish a transaction and would have to either come back another day or forfeit the whole transaction altogether. One could not monitor their transactions and payments properly, not forgetting bank thefts in the name of maintenance charges. All these and more were the reasons for the emergence of Fin-tech companies in Nigeria.

Fin-tech companies have been doing well and have grown into popularity in the past years. Transactions are easy and better, stress-free, and seamless. You can now access all those delicious financial benefits with your mobile phone from the comforts of your home.

About Dodopay Africa

Dodopay making people smile always

Dodopay Africa is a payment processing company focused on building a reliable payment solution to suit 21st century needs. It is the future of fintech innovations, creating a payment platform where users can send and receive money with their phone numbers; this means that an individual’s account number will not be required. As we all know, revealing personal details like an account number in our world today could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Dodopay has also set out to establish a world-class payment platform that is easy to navigate, use and perform a variety of transactions. We can all agree that navigating an app for the first time can be frustrating, particularly when we find it difficult to understand. But imagine using a payment platform for the first time and, you’re able to go through all the functions without guidance and do everything you need to do without hassles. Dodopay also incorporated a system where users can send and receive payments at no extra charges. You also don’t need to worry about unnecessary bank charges; our reward system encourages users to use the app when they see their rewards accumulating.

Dodopay would gradually come to that level where it is among the top fintech companies in Nigeria, making waves and consistently making payments quick and sweet like dodo. It would also be interesting to hear about Dodopay not just in Nigeria but in the diaspora.

Visit the dodopay website to download the app

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