As the festive season approaches, everybody looks to make it a memorable one. People trying to outdo themselves or in competition with their friends for whose December would be more ‘dettier’. This can hardly be achieved if you don’t have enough funds or a plan on how to go about it. Here’s how you can plan for the festive season and make it worthwhile:

Establish a budget

Here, your budget serves as a guide to how much you plan to spend and how you’re going to spend the festive season. It determines whether you’re going to travel to your hometown or stay put, whether you’re going for outings or eat in and invite friends. Primarily, your budget helps you prevent overspending and a definition of what you want and helps you work towards it.

Save for the season

Now you know what type of holiday you want to have and how much you want to spend. It’s only smart to work towards it by saving. You can start saving months before the festive seasons so that you have enough funds by then. Have a realistic amount you contribute to your festive celebration wallet so that you can meet your financial needs by the time the festive season comes up.

Plan your festive season

You also have to establish how your festive season will turn out. Are you planning to have fun with friends or spend time with family? Are you going to be giving out gifts or visiting a charity home? You will only determine how it will go by planning it. It is pertinent to create a schedule in advance so that you know what you’re doing beforehand.

Avoid impulse buying

During the festive seasons, it’s tempting when you go to the market, and you see all those pretty stuff beckoning on you to pick them. It can be hard to ignore, but that’s why you have a budget that helps you stay right in check. Avoiding impulse buying is pertinent to prevent overspending. You have to always remind yourself of what you came for and focus on just that.


In the end, it’s the love and laughter shared among family and friends that matter. It is a season of love and care. Don’t work yourself if you don’t have enough money to celebrate. The gift of life, family, and friends are all that matter.

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