At some point in our lives, we’ve all gone for interviews or planning to go for one. Just as our faces differ so do our characters and behaviors. We can all agree that there are different kinds of people or behaviors we see during interviews. These are the ones I’ve noticed so far;

The Serious ones

This set of people usually look very serious when they come in. Heads up, shoulders straight, eyes on the prize. They don’t smile because smiling is for unserious people. They usually are just there for the business of the day. They sit down on the chair and remain like that till they are called upon. It’s almost as if they are statues. The more flexible ones might bring out their CV to study. They look at it with all seriousness like they are just seeing the CV for the first time, or they didn’t prepare it themselves.

The Friendly ones

They come into the room, and they’ve already made friends and besties in seconds. They are all smiling and bubbly. You wonder if they know that this is not a social gathering, or perhaps they have forgotten that they came for an interview.

The Slayers

They come dressed up, ready to slay the interview. Makeup on point and dressed to kill with heels as tall as mountain Everest. From their dressing, you already assume that they are the recruiter’s choice.

Shabby Dressers

This set of people dress like they are going to the market to sell pepper. The way they waltz in, you would think they just gatecrashed the interview. They come in and start arranging themselves like they didn’t know they were coming for an interview.


These people come in like full-blown masquerades with makeup. They coat their face with several layers of foundation such that they are seven shades lighter than their normal skin tone. Their eyebrows are as wide as the red sea and lips as thick and red as tomato paste. They are the ones that have the most confidence because they feel that they have finally arrived.

Shy Ones

This set of people are mostly quiet during the interviews. They don’t talk but mind their business and wait for the interviewer to call them in.

Phone Pressers

These people seem not to know that there is time for everything, time to press the phone and time to drop it. As soon as their butt touches the seat, they bring out their phones and chat away. It is hard to take these people seriously.

The Gluttons

For interviews that provide refreshments for their candidates, these people come in prepared to eat the whole office. They start eating even before they are told and eat like people from refugee camps. They are the type of people that would ask for a second plate in an event.

Which are you?
Which one did I miss?

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