ASUU is on strike. What’s next for students?

The Nigerian education system particularly federal universities have continued to fail Nigerian students. The incessant strikes continue to keep students longer than they should in school. You see people spending seven years in school instead of the normal four years in school (for some courses). The education system is not taken seriously in Nigeria that’s why lecturers/teachers in charge of building the leaders of tomorrow are grossly underpaid. Also, education is not given a priority that’s why the government would allow its students to sit at home for one month, or even more.

Thanks to the age we are in, education is no longer the ultimate. This is not to say that education is not important, but you can provide value, gain valuable knowledge and experience without school and earn little money by the side while at it.

Ama, a 16-year-old and first-year student, when asked what he would be doing now that schools were on strike, said he would learn design and perfect his skill on it, as he wanted to work in a tech company someday.

Here are ways students can make the most of their time during the ASUU strike:

Learn a skill.

The importance of having a skill cannot be overemphasized. These days getting a job is not entirely about what you studied but what you can do. Truth be told, education doesn’t do much for us, industry or practical experience-wise. We are only taught theoretical parts in school that, most times, we can’t even apply in real-life situations. Every year, about 600,000 graduates are released into the labor market. When you have a skill, you have an edge over these thousands of graduates. Thankfully, there are varieties of skills to learn.  


Offering to work for free also known as volunteering/Interning is also another way to keep yourself busy and also improve your CV. Most times, recruiters lookout for people that already have working experience. It could be in your field of study or a different area of study. This break/strike is your chance to explore and get hands-on experience in a particular field in a work environment. Volunteering teaches you different work ethics/skills such as good communication, organization, time management, and problem-solving skills.   

Read Books.

They say that a reader is a leader. You can never go wrong with reading. People also say that no knowledge is a waste. It doesn’t have to be school work, it can be something outside your field. Mandate yourself to read at least a book every week, expand your knowledge and you would be surprised at the amount of knowledge you’ve garnered so far.

Start a business or expand existing ones.

Most business-minded students would be happy about the ASUU strike. Nneoma, a 23 years old final-year student, says that the ASUU strike would give her more time to focus on her business. There’s nothing wrong with trying to expand your business, especially for those who depend on it for survival. Also, you might have a business idea or plan that you’ve been wanting to implement, this is the time to start it. You get to make more money and have time to improve your business.

You can also engage in your favorite hobbies and discover new ones that will be beneficial to you. In all you do, don’t be idle. Just as the popular saying goes, “An idle man is the devil’s workshop”. Stay productive.

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