How do you feel when rewarded for your hard work? Back in the day, our parents would promise to reward us if we were good and kept the house tidy. Because we were eager for the reward, we were not only good and kept the house tidy, we went the extra mile to show that we deserved the reward. The truth is that humans are motivated to do things for you when there’s a reward. It might be seen as greed or selfishness, but it’s only part of human dynamics. When we are appreciated for a job well done, we are motivated to do more. That’s why dodopay has a referral option that rewards you for talking to your friends about us.

What’s the dodopay referral bonus?

What it is – The dodopay referral bonus is the money given to customers who refer other customers to the app. When you refer someone – they sign up and verify on the app – you and the other person automatically receive N250. We do this to encourage people to invite their friends and families to use the app.
What it is not – it is not a venture to make money. Hence instead of telling people that they can make money on the app, you can let them know other benefits of the app, which include bill payments, international and local transfers, savings, and loans.

What is the dodopay referral code?

The dodopay referral code is a unique code that you can use to claim your bonus. You can find the referral code when you click on the rewards section on the homepage. The code enables you to claim your reward. Each time you enter your referral code into anybody’s app, you automatically get N250.

How to claim your referral bonus.

When a referee becomes verified, you can now enter your referral code on their app to claim your bonus. You cannot claim your bonus if your referee is not verified and vice versa.

Another way to increase your bonus is through paying bills, as you get 2% cashback on every transaction. The idea is to earn money passively. Therefore, it is not a money-making scheme.
Refer your friends to start earning now. Visit our website to download the app.

Note: You will not be able to access the money until it sums up to N5000

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