You might be wondering why the dodopay app is unique and the first of its kind. It’s an all-around financial app that covers all your daily bills from airtime to data to electricity units to cable tv subscriptions, all these at no extra charge. You can also make international transfers at rates that don’t break the bank and secure loans up to N50000. What else would you be looking for in a financial app? Here are seven reasons why the dodopay app is the best for you at the moment:

Free dodo to dodo transfers with just phone numbers

Single transfers: The dodo app offers free transfers from a dodo account to another dodo account. The transfer is made with just the recipient’s phone number. The transfer is seamless, easy, and instant. You don’t have to have the account number of your loved ones before you can surprise them with money.

Bulk transfers: With the bulk transfer, you can send money to multiple dodo accounts at once with no extra charge. All you need are the recipients’ phone numbers. Sweet right?

2% cashback

The dodo app rewards you for spending on the app. For every bill you pay on the app, you are rewarded with a 2% cashback on any amount. Paying bills on the app is free; no extra charges or hidden fees. Paying bills has never been so convenient and stress-free.

International transfers

With the dodo app, people can make transfers to their loved ones or business clients outside Nigeria. You can send money to:

  • Local banks and mobile wallets in Ghana
  • Local banks in South Africa
  • Mpesa mobile wallets in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia.
  • Local banks in the United States
  • Local banks in the United Kingdom
  • Local banks in the European regions

Receive and send money to all local banks in Nigeria

You can receive money in your dodo wallet from all banks in Nigeria. You can also send money to all local banks from the dodo app at a flat fees rate that doesn’t break the bank.

Note: Dodopay doesn’t charge you for receiving money on the app.

Quick Loan

With the dodopay app, you can get up to 50,000 naira non-collateral loans with your constant use of the app. Your frequent usage of the app qualifies you for the loan. You also see your creditworthiness percentage increase as you consistently use the app to pay bills and send money. Dodopay provides low-interest loans that allow customers to pay back easily and quickly.

Referral bonus

Dodopay recognizes hard work, and that’s why they decided to reward their customers with a referral bonus of N250. When you refer people on the app, you get an instant bonus of N250, which goes to your reward section. This bonus can be withdrawn later when it hits N5000. It is a little way to make money by the side without stress.

22% interest per annum on savings

The dodo app also has a saving feature called the Supersavers feature. You can save and get up to 22% interest per annum on your savings. There are no limits to your savings, as you can save as much as possible. A wise man/woman saves money for the rainy days.

What next?

After reading through these mouth-watering benefits, why wouldn’t you want to download the dodo app?

Download the dodo app to enjoy sweet financial benefits.

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