Just because today is Friday and the beginning of the weekend!!!
Weekends are for shopping, and you can’t help but notice different behaviors of shoppers. Shop attendants and Sales representatives probably have a hard time dealing with these various characters, especially during the weekend. Here are the types of shoppers I have discovered and like to share with you guys:

Impulse shoppers

These types of buyers are the shop owners’ favorite types of customers. They always want to buy the whole shop anytime they come, not because they planned to buy them. They buy things because it looks fancy to them. You can easily persuade these people to buy stuff that they did not plan for. All it takes is to show them the latest designers’ bag and sweet-talk them on how it matches their red shoes. They are gullible like that when it comes to spending.


If you’ve ever followed your Nigerian mother to the market, then you would understand this kind of people. Nigerian mothers will take you around the market, and one hour later, you have not bought anything. Bargainers will haggle the prices of your products to the barest minimum. Even if you give them something for free, they would still like to negotiate. Bargaining is like food that they feed on, the very reason for their existence. Shop owners don’t like these sets of people. Bargainers always feel cheated when they are unable to negotiate, the reason why you won’t see them in a supermarket or mall. They always think they are clever.

Loyal buyers

These people are popularly called customers. They are the shop owners’ favorite and the apple of their eyes. They usually frequent the shop and buy stuff every time they come. These customers occasionally receive discounts and freebies because of their loyalty. Every shop owner needs a loyal buyer in their lives.

List carriers

These people already know what they want to buy from home because they already have a list. They are the opposite of impulse buyers. You can not convince them to purchase anything outside their list. Like the bargainers, they also look to get the best prices although, they are not as persistent as the bargainers. They will go with any price so far; it is up to or less than the price on their list. If you are looking for a “tip” from these people, just forget it. Of course, it’s not on their list.

Indecisive buyers

These sets of people will tire you out quickly, with their endless questions. They don’t seem to know what they came to buy. Even if they know what they came to purchase, they also need you to convince them and explain why they should buy it. By the time they ask you questions, you also become confused about the products you are selling. Madam, you dey buy abi you no dey buy!!!!

Just-looking buyers

This set of people are annoying. Shop owners don’t like these people at all. What business owner will like someone who comes only to look around and go? Na these set of people they do pass. You would think the bargainers are worse until you meet these people. They know that they don’t intend to buy, but they will let you bring out your products and test them if possible. They will haggle and negotiate prices with you until you agree to sell below your cost price. They seem to like and want to buy everything in the shop because they keep asking you the price of each item. In the end, you will hear, “I will come back later. They are waiting for me in Venus.” Two minutes leter, you realize that your phone is missing. Oopsss…

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