I’m under the scorching sun, waiting my turn to get my wrap of shawarma. I had been craving shawarma like, forever, and so I decided to satisfy my cravings. It finally got to my turn, whew!!! I made my order and sat down to wait. My order was ready, and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I walked up to the counter to pay with all smiles and confidence. I searched my bag for my card or cash, at least; none was nowhere in sight. At this point, I panicked, “Which kain wahala be this,” I muttered beneath my breath. At this time, the cashier was already looking at me like she wanted to eat me raw. I searched thoroughly for at least a 20 naira note to prove a point. My bag was turned inside out. That was when I heard it “Abeg madam shift if you no get money to pay, make other people buy.” I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. Long story short, I still ate the shawarma, not without the embarrassment, of course.

We have all been in this kind of situation at least once in our lives. We can all agree that it’s very embarrassing and awkward. There are series of awkward money moments we have experienced as individuals. How to handle these awkward moments will be discussed below:

Card decline

This is the most popular embarrassing money moment almost everybody has experienced. You try to pay for something with your card, and it declines severally. It can feel more humiliating, when attending to an impatient cashier as they can rudely tell you off in front of other customers. It can also give the impression that you don’t have money to pay for the items you got. In this case, it is always advisable to have a plan B. Always carry cash along with your card and a reliable mobile wallet so that you have multiple options when your village people decide to strike. In a case where your card is the only option, carry your shame on your head and walk out like a boss.

Forgetting your wallet

This could be more embarrassing than the first point because, in this case, you have no means of payment (wallet) as your coconut head forgot it at home. In this situation, you might probably get more insults thrown at you. As usual, a plan B always saves the day. Most people would usually forget everything except their phone; that little device holds the key to people’s lives. People keep valuable information on their phones, and it won’t be wrong to have a reliable mobile wallet that saves the day in situations like this. Download dodopay, If you don’t have a mobile wallet in mind.

Not knowing who is paying.

We’ve always faced this dilemma when going out with a group of friends or a friend. We don’t know who is paying for the date or hangout, but we decide to go even when we don’t have money. The best way to solve this problem in both situations is to ask where and who is paying so that you prepare your mind. You also speak out on your financial status so that everybody is aware. Also, when going out in a group, it’s only fair for each individual to pay for what they ordered. When going out with an individual, courtesy demands that whoever proposed the date pays for the meal. However, both parties can decide to split bills depending on arrangement or agreement.

When you take somebody on a date, and they order something above your budget

Guys are known to be the primary victims of this situation. You take a girl out, and she decides to order the whole restaurant leaving your bank account beeping red. Most times, the guy can’t say anything as they watch with pain in their eyes as the lady gulps away. The solution here, most times, is communication. Let your date know that this is what you can afford and your budget. You can also let your date know that she would be paying for anything extra. Some girls might think that you’re just a “broke ass nigga,” but it’s better than embarrassment or washing plates that you didn’t plan for. What would you even be doing with a girl that doesn’t understand? Think about it.

Going out with rich friends

It can be tempting to show off when out with rich friends to show that you “belong.” Do not be deceived because all that glitters is not gold. Spend within your means and at the same time communicate with your friends that you’re on a budget and will only get what you can afford. It will also be a better idea to stay at home if you’re easy prey for peer pressure. There are many fun things to do at home that are not money-consuming.

Contributing for a gift for a colleague or acquaintance

We have experienced this in all works of life- school, church, office- where we are asked to contribute for one thing or the other. We don’t always want to feel like the odd one out, so we inconvenience ourselves to please others. If you have the money, by all means, contribute because when you give others, you also receive. But don’t beat yourself or do more than you can because you don’t want to feel left out. You can offer to get a gift yourself which might be cheaper or give what you’re able to.

In conclusion…

Embarrassing money moments are inevitable but are avoidable. You require a mobile wallet that you can count on in cases like this. Switch to dodopay and enjoy seamless transactions.

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