We will always need immediate funds to take care of emergencies or a business boost at some point in our lives. We always want to have a reliable source to get funds so that we would not be stranded. Dodopay is what you are looking for as you don’t only have access to loans, you also gain lots of financial benefits from using the app. You might ask why our quick loan is exceptional; Here’s why:

0.25% daily interest rate

Dodopay provides a low-interest loan that makes it easy for customers to pay back easily and quickly. The quick loan runs at a daily interest rate of 0.25% starting from when you collected the loan. If you’re able to pay earlier, you will be paying an insignificant interest on your loan. In other words, the earlier you pay, the lower the interest.

Repayment flexibility

When you take a loan from dodopay, repayment options are flexible and easy to follow through. You can decide to pay a little by little every day or pay your loan at once. You can repay the loan at your convenience and your own pace.

Repayment spans up to 90 days.

With the dodopay, you don’t have to worry about incessant calls reminding you about your loans. When you take a loan from dodopay, you can be sure of your peace of mind. Dodopay gives customers up to 90days (3 months) to pay back their loan. With this length of time, you can pay back your loan conveniently and with no stress.

Paying your loan on time increases your credit score.

Generally, users start at 10% (for verified users) to build their credit score. You can see the credit score bar on the app when you click on the loan button on the home page. When it reaches 100%, users automatically qualify for a loan. This is where it gets interesting; when you pay your loan on time, your credit score automatically increases by 70%, which means you can easily qualify for your next loan. You won’t put in as much work as you did on your first loan.

Sweet right?

To get started, use the app frequently to pay bills and make dodo to dodo transfers. Your credit score increases as you perform these transactions which automatically qualifies you to collect that urgent 2k with ease and without stress. Download the dodopay app today!

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