I imagine what we will use to pay for things in the next ten or fifteen years. Mobile payment is the latest technology for payments and is currently taking over or has taken over physical cash, cards, or whatever mode of payments there is. Mobile payments are found by people to be the most convenient mode of payment. The reason is not far-fetched as almost 80% of the world’s population, if not more, use a smartphone or an electronic device. On average, Nigerians spend seven hours on their smartphones either on social media or surfing the internet.

Before Mobile payments

Making payments have evolved in the past years dating, from the period of trade-by-barter to using specific objects such as cowries or coins to pay for things, we improvised to paying with cash and later, cards. At the time, they were convenient and helped facilitate business sales. There was a means of exchange of goods and services but, it came with its downs. For example, in a situation where one had to carry large sums of money to pay for something, it posed security risks for the individual – robbery. It was not convenient and also, time-consuming for people who had to pay a large sum of money, as they had to count the money during the payment process. It was stressful. However, with the advent of mobile payments, payments have become quick and easy, and more convenient.

What is Mobile payment?

Mobile payments are payments that we make through our mobile phones or devices. Mobile payments allow us to transfer and receive payment from people through applications like dodopay. Here, all details of payments are kept on the phone and are easily accessible.

Types of Mobile payments

  • Mobile browser-based payments; use of the internet to make payments
  • In-app mobile payments; payment is made through a mobile app.
  • Mobile credit card readers
  • Mobile wallets

Benefits of Mobile payments

  • It is convenient: people can make payments comfortably and conveniently. It’s easier to bring out your phone and, with few swipes, make payments than counting cash or going through the process of using a card to make payments.
  • It is secure: mobile payments are more secured. Security measures such as fingerprint, face unlock, and so on have been put in place for maximum security of individual’s personal information. By carrying cash around, individuals are prone to robbery. Cards can easily be misplaced and hacked if not blocked on time.
  • It is fast: mobile payments are unarguably fast and quicker. You can make payments in seconds.
  • Enables digitized financial transactions: makes the idea of mobile banking come to reality. Receipts and details of transactions are on the phone for reference purposes. You can easily track your payments and know how you’ve been spending.

Dodopay as a Mobile payment platform

Why use dodopay?

Dodopay is at the forefront of financial technologies providing a payment platform where users can make payments quickly and easily with a user interface that is easy to navigate even for a first-timer. Dodopay provides mobile to mobile payments, in which you can send money to someone through their phone number at zero fees. You can also pay bills-airtime, data, cable tv subscription, electricity top-up-conveniently using the app. Dodopay also gives 2% cashback on any transaction made on the app. Users can see their cash backs accumulating and can subsequently cash out when it reaches a particular amount. They not only offer local transfer but also international transfers to South Africa and Ghana. Its customer experience providers are ever ready to solve customer’s issues in a calm and timely manner.


It is important to choose the right payment platform that would give you value for your money while being able to perform transactions seamlessly and without stress. visit dodopay to learn more.

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