The secret word serves as a form of security so that intruders don’t easily have access to your account. It replaces the likes of OTP and email verification. It is a method of security used by dodopay for account recovery. Recovering your account might happen when you forget your password or your account is suspended. Your account can be suspended when you enter the wrong password more than three times. The secret word helps you recover your account when all these mistakes happen.

How does this work?

Upon registration, you’re asked to put in a secret word, mostly a six-letter word. Most users don’t take note of this when they signup. They just put some random words and move on. What they don’t know is that they would need it when resetting their password.

Why do you need to remember your secret word?

The secret word is the only way you can recover your account. If you’re not able to remember your secret word, you lose your account forever.

Choosing an effective secret word and keeping it safe.

  • Make sure your secret word is something you can remember and are used to.
  • If you think you might not remember, note it down and keep it somewhere safe.
  • Don’t tell anyone your secret word; it is private.


Try not to forget your login pin. If you don’t forget your password, you won’t have to remember your secret word.

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