A million naira can be difficult for some people to make and easy for other people. Many factors can make you earn your first million with ease. It could be your salary, family background, multiple income streams, etc. The truth is that a million naira might look like a big deal, but with a lot of determination and consistency, you might be surprised how soon you’ll have a million naira sitting in your account. How can you do this in no time:

Invest in yourself

Personal investment is the best investment you will ever give yourself. Whatever personal investment you make will stay with you no matter what happens. There are many ways to invest in yourself. It can be through knowledge, learning a skill, going for a higher degree, etc. There are investments you can make that translate into money when you utilize them. For example, getting a higher degree sets you up for higher pay.

Have multiple streams of income.

Your ability to have multiple streams of income will surface after you’ve invested in yourself. Having multiple streams of income helps you live comfortably and save more. It could be a side hustle, contract job, business, or even investments. In the end, make sure that you’re able to create a balance.

Save, Save, Save.

We can’t emphasize this enough. Saving helps you achieve financial discipline. Besides, you want to keep some money aside for the rainy days, and trust me, the rainy days will come. You want to prepare yourself for any emergency and save up for your first million. Instead of saving in the bank, you can save with online financial banks. They offer high-interest rates compared to traditional banks.


The richest people don’t make money by just saving. They make their money work for them by investing. There are varieties of investments that fit your risk personality that you can try out. Make sure to read and understand the risk and terms involved before you invest. Also, remember that any form of Ponzi scheme is not an investment. Don’t be derailed by a quick money scheme.

Be patient (money is time).

Making money is not instant; it takes time. When you spend your time on profitable things, you will reap bountifully. The value of your time translates to how much money you will make. Avoid quick money-making schemes. As Leonardo Da Vinci put it: “He who wants to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year.” Be patient.

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