For a space with lots of people, the display of different characters and attitudes is inevitable. Human behaviors and personalities are dynamic; that is what makes associating with people interesting. Some can be fun to watch, and some be very annoying. The workplace is not an exception, and we are going to be looking at different types of people in the workplace below:

The Gossip

It would be hard not to notice this set of people in the workplace. They are also called the BBC and CNN of the company. There is no matter or controversial issue that passes them by. They are your surest plug for premium gist, both known or unknown. You see them in every meeting, gathering, or discussion, trying to gather as much information as possible. Be sure to know that every whispering or muttering is heard because their ears are as receptive as antennas. The funny part about this set of people is that they are always ready to indulge you in every gist, and you can see the excitement in their voice when they are telling you all the juicy gossips you so want to hear.

The Over-serious ones

These people are always strict and busy; they do not have time for anyone or themselves. They make others feel like they are not serious with their work. Their facial expressions are always serious, and this extends to their dressing. This set of people hardly smile; smiling is for people that do not have a purpose in life. In other words, na them carry the work for head like crayfish. Jokes and banters are prohibited. You would most likely not see them in any office social gathering.

The Unserious one

Most of the time, you wonder how these set of people got employed in the first place. They seem unserious with their work and do not behave like they need the job. They are nonchalant with their work and seem to prioritize other things except work. They are quick to take pictures and post pictures of their office for the gram. You often wonder if they do not have work to do but check their piles of unfinished tasks, and you would not be surprised.

The Foodie

These sets of people always have something in their mouth, all kinds of chewable. Their mouths whine endlessly, and you pity their poor teeth; it must be crying out in agony for being overworked. Sometimes they get bored and start to chew nylon, pen covers, paper, and whatnot. Give them your pen, and you would not recognize it when they return it. They eat in bits, but you would be surprised by how much they have consumed in an hour. These people bring their food from home but end up eating their colleague’s food because they can not help but taste the food. Looking for something to bait them? Food is your best bet.

The Pacers

These ones are always walking to somewhere; it could be the toilet, bathroom, someone’s desk, gateman’s post, or possibly, outside the gate. They do not seem to like their chair that much, or perhaps an invisible pin got stuck in their chair. You hardly meet them in their seats because they have gone to get one thing or the other. They spend 2/3rd of their day walking to nowhere in particular and the remaining part of their day on different people’s desks. They seem to be everywhere at the same time. You could be with Dennis in block B and also see Chika, the pacer in block B. You decide to go to block C to sort out one or two, and guess who is there? You guessed right.

AC Fanatics

These people are also called the custodian of the Air Conditioner. You would have to offer sacrifices and pay homage to them before you can switch off the AC (you would have probably died of cold by then). They handle the AC like it is their life work and birthright. That is the first thing they turn on when they get to the office and the last thing they put off while leaving. If they could carry the AC to their house, they would have. They would probably choose the AC over their work because what is better than discovering your life purpose.

Over dressers

You would think these sets of people came for a runway fashion show. They do not just dress; they dress to kill, steal and destroy. Everywhere must be shaken with their over coated faces and heels as high as heaven itself. When they pass, they leave heads turning along with them. They seem to notice/like the attention, and so the next day, they dress in something enough to give my grandmother a heart attack. They have good dress sense, no doubt but they should try dey pity our necks. One day e go turn, e no go gree turn back.


These people do not seem to keep quiet for a second. Anytime they do not talk, there is something wrong with them. They are the human version of a radio set, non-stop talking. Sometimes, you are torn between telling them to shut up and ignoring them. But is it possible to ignore a radio? They are very opinionated. They always have something to say on any topic, whether it concerns them or not. They talk, more than they work, that you wonder why they did not apply for the role of an OAP so that they can chatter on to their satisfaction.

Quiet ones

You will want to work with them if you like to get things done. They hardly do deeds that would distract anyone or themselves from work. They are always glued to their laptops and would only talk when you talk to them. They can be easygoing, and you can be sure they can get the work done without much noise. In a creative space, they perform very well. But you know what they say about quiet people? FEAR THEM.

The Kleptomaniacs

They can also be called magnetic fingers. Anywhere they are, something must go missing. The funny thing is that you do not know when your stuff is moved to the permanent site. All you know is that when Bola passes by, your biro goes missing. Be sure to find anything you are looking for on their desks. When you ask them about it, they say, “Oh sorry! Are they yours?”. “No Bola, they are yours.

Which one are you? Which one did I miss?


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